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Events Equipment


Typically required for fetes, sporting meetings, outside gatherings, indoor socials, front of house announcements at stage performances: any events which require sound amplification for voice and music.

Equipment available includes: Loud speakersMicrophonesMixer/amplifiers to connect these, Compact Disc players,Connectors and power supply cables and Mats for cable protection.




  • Mini marquees Size 4.5m X 3m base dimensions 4 available.
    Price includes guy ropes and posts.
  • Mastertent marquee Size 8m X 4m base dimensions 1 available.
    Price includes guy ropes and posts.

Also available for use with marquees: Carpets red, green. Groundsheets grey, blue tarpaulinTables

  • Patio tables, wood with green parasols 3 available


  • Folding chairs (red) metal 16 available
  • Director’s chairs wood, with green seats 10 available

Fire extinguishers

  • Type Foam (general purpose, but only foam used with car fires) Capacity 3kg 5 available
  • Type Water (general purpose, but not for electrics or car fires) Capacity 9 litre 2 available
  • Type CO2 (electrical fires, used for on-stage and at mixing desk) Capacity 6 litres 2 available
  • There is a refilling charge if used
  • Fire blankets 2 available Note that for many events, HSS regulations require appropriate fire extinguishers to be present and in good working order.

Power supply

  • External electric cable (blue, round pin) type 100m 32 amp 1 available
  • External electric cable type 450m 16 amp 1 available
  • Switched distribution box 32amp to 3-way 16 amp
  • Splitters for outdoor electric power
  • Adapters RCD devices for outdoor safety
  • Cable protector strips
  • Safety floor mats to cover cables of various sizes
  • Marshalls’ vests (yellow) type …. 32 available Sizes: medium, large, XL
  • Rubbish bins Ropes and poles
  • Barrier fencing
  • Orange mesh 4 X 50m rolls available
  • Patio heaters 2 available Come with consumables: propane gas charged per kgm


  • Gaffer tape 50m roll, black or silver
  • Hazzard tape 33m roll (yellow, black, white or red)
  • Zebra tape 33m roll (yellow, black, white or red)